Bringing You the Details of Jupiter’s Casino in Broadbeach, Australia

Jupiter’s Casino in Broadbeach, Australia, is located on the Gold Coast, and offers a whole range of facilities in addition to the casino. The hotel facilities are of an excellent standard, with various options available for all budget levels.

Jupiter’s Casino, also offers a wide range of different types of entertainment, in addition to the well-known casino. New shows are on offer all of the time. Finding out about upcoming shows can be done by approaching the information desks at the actual casino, or otherwise just having a look on the website. This entertainment includes movies, shows at Jupiter’s Theatre, as well as live music and other concerts.

There is a good range of dining options, as well as a number of bars at the casino. For players needing a break from the excitement of the casino floor, it is worth having a stop in at one of the restaurants.

Jupiter’s Casino Promotions and Deals

At the Jupiter’s Casino in Broadbeach, Australia, there are numerous promotions that players can access. These do change fairly often, so it is a good idea for players to keep checking back on Jupiter’s Casino website, and see what the current specials are. The Cash on a Platter promotion gives players the opportunity to win $50,000, with draws taking place every hour from 5pm to 9pm. Read up on the site for details about exactly what is involved.

Rewards members at Jupiter’s Casino can try out the October Swipe Star. Members can swipe their card at the Promotions Kiosk between the times of 12pm and 8pm, on any day Monday to Friday. By doing this, there is a chance of winning instant cash as well as other instant prizes. This doesn’t cost anything extra. Players must just be Rewards Members, and all they need to do is swipe their card during these times.

Some of the promotions are for specific day. The Lions Share promotion for example, takes place on a single day, and gives players the opportunity to win $40,000. However, the catch is that the player must be present, which is a way in which the casino attracts players to come to the casino.

Games at Jupiter’s Casino

Jupiter’s Casino is a land-based casino offering all of the most popular casino games. The floors are lined with pokies machines to suit just about any taste.  Displays also indicate the current jackpots for these games, making it quite easy for players to see where they might like to turn their attention. There are numerous other casino games on offer, like roulette as well as blackjack tables.

Depending on whether you enjoy real money blackjack games that are strictly down to chance, or games that require a bit of player skill and strategy, either of these options might be more attractive to you. Getting hold of chips to use when playing the games can be quite easily done at any of the cashier’s windows. At the same time, if you are fortunate enough to be able to accumulate some winnings, these chips can also be easily cashed out.