Excellent Odds for Camogie Bets

Camogie is a stick and ball sport played exclusively by women which is similar to the men’s game of Hurling, and has been played since 1904. Today Camogie enjoys a wide audience, and is played by approximately 100,000 women around the world. Regular games and championships are held, and there are many betting opportunities available.

Outright betting is your best shot at a team sport such as this, and there are excellent odds, meaning excellent pay outs. The odds on this lucrative sport can range anywhere from 3/1 to 100/1, which most players will surely find very appealing. With outright betting, you place a wager on the outcome of an entire competition, rather than a specific game. Usually these bets are placed at the beginning of a season, but are often available throughout the competition as well and you’ll find quicker wins here than you’ll find in mobile horse betting.

The Ins and Outs of Camogie

Matches of Camogie are played by two teams made of up of 15 players each, and matches are 60 minutes long separated into two halves. The game is played on a field approximately 140m long by 85m wide, and H-shaped goals are used. There are two types of goals in Camogie, i.e. the ball going between the goals posts under the bar, and the ball going over the bar of the goal posts. Each goal is scored as three points and one point respectively.

The stick, or ‘hurley’, looks similar to a hockey stick, but has a wide flat end which may not measure more than 13cm in width. The ball, or ‘sliotar’, must weigh between 90-110 grams and must be 21cm in circumference.

Hurling versus Camogie

Camogie is almost identical to the game of Hurling which is played exclusively by men, except for a few crucial differences. For instance, in Hurling, players are not allowed to drop the stick and if they do this it results in a foul, but no foul is given if the stick is dropped in Camogie. In Camogie, players are allowed to pass the ball by hand in order to score, which players of Hurling are not allowed to do unless the ball is in mid-flight from a rebound.

Other differences are related to the size of the ball or ‘sliotar’ used, and the dress-code for players.

Origins of Camogie

During the late 1800s the idea of men and women playing sports together was seen as rather outlandish for the times. An association for Hurling (for men) was established in 1884, and the game of Camogie (for women) was established shortly after in 1904. Then in 1932 the first Camogie Championships were held.

Since then the sport has grown in leaps and bounds, and there are established Camogie clubs all around the world. It is approximated that there are 100,000 players globally, with 1905 registered players forming part of 535 clubs. Various competitions take place throughout the year, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to place those AFL grand final bets. With odds as good as a possible 100/1, you could add double zeros to your initial bet at