Supernova Online Video Slot Overview for Players

A supernova is the product of a very rare astronomical even, which takes place during the dying stages of an enormous star’s evolution. The massive celestial body’s cataclysmic self-destruction results in one final explosion of epic proportions, which is visible as a huge and magnificent ball of colourful light.

This is the effect that Amaya Gaming is going for with its Supernova online video slot, which features an array of different supernovas and intricate patterns of light as well as the dark abysses of several wormholes.

Supernova is a three-reel online video slot with 27 paylines and an additional two reels that come into play in the event of winning spins.

Visual Appeal of the Supernova Slot

Visual appeal was clearly a primary concern when Amaya created the Supernova online video slot.

As mentioned, the symbols take the form of mesmerising balls of light and massive wormholes that descend into nothingness. Adding to this strong visual experience is the pokie’s colour scheme, which is a mixture of aquamarine and purple that creates the impression of painting with light. The twinkling of distant stars can be seen through the haze of this colourful smoky atmosphere.

The Supernova reels do not rest in clear rows but, rather, appear to float within the ethereal blue and purple substance. Two the right of the main 3×3 grid, another 2×3 grid is faintly visible. These two extra Supernova reels become active whenever a winning combination is landed.

The Supernova Wild Symbol

There is only one especially valuable symbol in Supernova and this is the wild. This symbol takes the form of a pale blue and purple Supernova with the word “WILD” scrolled across it in big yellow letters.

As per the online slots standard, the Supernova wild can stand in for any other symbol to complete winning payline combinations.

The Multiplier Bonus Grid

As mentioned, whenever a winning combination is landed in Supernova, the game’s second grid becomes active. For these spins, whatever multiplier appears on Reel 1 will be applied to wins, with an additional multiplier coming into play if another multiplier appears in the centre of Reel 2.

Multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x are awarded at random and the extra reels will stop spinning whenever a wormhole symbol appears on either of the spare Supernova reels.

Supernova Symbol Values

There are three different Supernova patterns included in the symbols of this slot and each pays out differently, as follows:

  • Green Supernova: 15 coins
  • Blue Supernova: 15 coins
  • Orange Supernova: 50 coins

Less valuable symbols in the Supernova slot take the form of various patterns of light, all of which pay out three coins.

Betting Limits on the Supernova Slot

As far as wagering goes, the Supernova video slot is suited to a diverse range of players – from complete novices to old hands, the extremely cautious to the devil-may-care high rollers.

The paylines are adjustable. Casino players may choose to activate between one and 27 Supernova paylines by wagering just one coin on each. To get in line for the biggest wins, Supernova players may wager up to 10 coins per payline, for a total wager per spin of 250 coins.