Roulette Question-Answers

Winning Answers to Important Roulette Questions

Place your bet on a red, black or green number. The dealer spins the wheel as you close your eyes and hope for the best. Seems simple enough, right? But when you start to play it more often and start understanding the game better, you will realise that there is more to it than just a small white ball running along a turning wheel, looking for a cosy red, black or green square. What then are some of the answers to important questions that will help you better your roulette game?

Advantages and Betting Systems

Q: How exactly does the 0 and 00 advantage the house?

 A: It is important to understand that the 0 – or in American Roulette, the 0 and 00 – exists on the wheel to give the house a bit more of advantage to winning. If they didn’t exists the odds of winning would always be 50/50.

More than this, the odds of winning is 35:1. Therefore if you had to place a dollar on every number your winning would be $36. There are however 38 numbers (1-36, 0 and 00) which means that you would also have a 2 dollar loss if you placed that bet.

Q: Does roulette have any betting systems that you can use to win?

 A: No there is most certainly not. Roulette is a game that is completely random. The wheel gets spun in one direction while ball bounces around that wheel in another direction and then randomly rests on a number at the end of the spin. No two spins of the wheel is ever the same unless by complete chance the outcome is the same. One spin is never influenced by another.

Winning Big at Roulette

Q: Is it possible for you to win big at roulette?

 A: The answer to this question is double edged. The first and easiest answer would be no. Betting odds in this game are of the nature that even though the payout can be good, you could never win a fortune. Some people have however claimed that they have won mega bugs. The only way however to win such large sums of money it to also play incredibly large sums of money. Casino winners – and this counts for all casino games – will brag about their amazing wins, but it is important to know that they have probably also spent an enormous amount of money in the pursuit of that enormous win.

Playing Casino Roulette

Q: Does roulette require skill to win?

 A: No. The game of roulette is mainly luck based comparing to blackjack. Not you nor the dealer have any control over the outcome of dropping the ball onto the wheel. The only ‘skill’ required for the game is understanding the many various betting systems that can bet on for the game. This varies from one number to entire columns of numbers. At the end of the day though it is still up to lady luck to decide which number gets to win and lady luck answers to no one.