An Introduction to Virtual Sports Bets

Virtual sports are an exciting new addition to any sportsbook’s portfolio. The first virtual match was held in 1961 and was a Baseball simulation on an IBM 1620 computer that had just 20 KB of memory! Since then virtual sports have come a long way, but their basic principles remain the same.

How Do Virtual Sports Work?

Virtual sports are exactly what they sound like; simulated sporting events that take place in the digital space. The real performance statistics of actual athletes are used, by inputting these numbers into the software.

With complex computations, the software is then able to determine the likeliest outcome of a game or match involving the specific players or racers. High-definition graphics and animations illustrate the action and make the virtual sports feel more realistic, and the simulated events are over within a few minutes.

Virtual sports doesn’t have to involve a betting element, but in today’s modern world it almost always does. The fast-paced nature of these wagers, with results determined and displayed in a matter of moments, makes them an exciting option for bettors.

Ideal Beginners’ Betting

When you decide to put money on a virtual sport event, you’ll need to choose which sport you’re interested in. Then, without having to wait for the next race or match to begin, the software will randomly select the racers going against each, or the members of the opposing teams.

You can do as much research as you like into the contenders, before you place any wagers. Check performance stats, injury reports and other information about the athletes, but don’t worry about weather conditions or other external variables.

The only factors used in the calculations of virtual sports winners are the figures relating to the contestants themselves. This makes betting this way very simple, and it’s the ideal choice for anyone who is still getting familiar with a specific sport. In addition, it’s a great way to get a clear understanding of exactly how teammates work together or how contenders fair against each other – with all outside influences removed.

Virtual Sports Markets and Coverage

There are plenty of reasons to add virtual sports bets to your regular line-up of wagers, but remember that they do also have some limitations. Notably, there are much fewer sports offered in this format. Currently, most betting sites in Australia cover virtual horse, greyhound, motor and speedway racing as well as Tennis, Baseball and Football.

If the popularity of virtual sports continues to grow in the way that insiders expect it to, more disciplines will no doubt be introduced. For now, you can focus on placing all the usual bets on the sports that are covered.

Markets include totals, point spreads, moneylines and propositions such as which side will score the first goal or how many minutes into the game the first goal will be landed. The only bets that aren’t available are novel props, which focus more on non-athletic events such as players getting penalty cards. Simulated athletes, it seems, are much better behaved than their physical counterparts!