Acknowledging the Past in Super 80s Slot

It is often nice to think back and remember the decades and generations that came before and ultimately shaped the present we all experience right now. This slot game from NetEnt is called the Super 80s and like the name suggests is a venerable tribute to this rather popular decade. With references throughout to great and notable achievements of this era this slot theme carries a style to it that is also unmistakable as anything but reference to this notable time. The graphics of the slot are rather retro, again in keeping tune with the theme, and involve all sort of various symbol on the reels of this game.

Whilst the thematic setup of this slot is fairly self-explanatory there are still parts of the whole to discuss. Regarding this Super 80s online slot game that includes the fundamental structure involved which has the players spinning a set of 5 reels and all with 40 pay lines capable of running across them and tallying the wins landed thereupon. From here player will next track to the betting options involved for setup, a process made simple by the options made available by developers NetEnt. Couple these basic feature with a few bonus ones like free spins and even a stacked Wild and this Super 80s online slot game starts looking pretty good.

Dancing to the Past with this Theme

Of course there was more than just the unique dancing style that the Super 80s represented on this slot game were known for and one glance of the reels involved in this game will pretty much solidify this fact. The style of this game is done with a rather austere and retro style to it, which doesn’t really take much away from the graphics involved exactly but rather transforms them into a more appropriate style of slot experience. Beyond this the features involved in the theme include the likes of some accompanying sound effects as well as all sorts of symbols on the reels involved in this slot spinning process.

Speaking of real money Australian slots online and its relation to this Super 80s slot game, the reels of this slot experience capture the full essence of what the theme is exactly about. This is because for the most they speak volumes about the capabilities of the decade in question, drawing reference to the various inventions made during this era and other related aspects involved. This includes joysticks, cell phones, Walkman’s, skateboards and stilettos, all of which paint a pretty clear image of what one could safely deem the Super 80s.

Discussing the Bonus Feature Factors On Board

This Super 80s slot game from NetEnt has also included a couple of bonuses and feature for the players to effectively whet their whistle whilst playing the base game involved in this slot. These bonuses include Wilds and even a free spins feature, with the latter bonus triggering a set of just 5 free spins which do however come with a 2 times multiplier, doubling the wins made during this feature. Even the Wild symbol of this slot is quite capable, offering the players stacked alternatives of it on the reels of this Super 80s NetEnt slot game.