Valley of the Scarab Slot Review for Internet Casino Players

Produced by Amaya, this Valley of the Scarab slot game transports players back to the times of Ancient Egypt. With a simple but elegant design and graphics, the software of this game allows players to enjoy a sleek and well-rounded game.

Sacred scarabs, pharaohs, hieroglyphics and the Anubis allows players to get lost in the game among the ancient relics and mystical creatures.

Vast and varied betting options allows players to customise their games based on how many lines to play and how much to bet on each line. Wild cards and scatter cards add to the excitement and offers the chance to boost winnings by free spins or multipliers.

Additionally, Amaya have created this game to be played for free or for real money. Players can try their hand on the free games and can take advantage of being able to access the paytable at any time allowing them to familiarise themselves with the game before playing for real money.

The paytable can show not only which sequence of symbols are likely to payout but also shows where the paylines are as well as the rules.

How to Play Valley of the Scarab

Players can choose between 1 – 100 lines to bet on by selecting – or + to decrease or increase the number of pokies for real money lines to be played. Betting is done in same fashion and bets are placed per line so if a player want to play with 50 lines, the bet placed will be placed 50 times.

Bets can be placed anywhere from 0.01 to 10.00 per line. Play is then started by selecting the spin button by either clicking the mouse or hitting the spacebar.

Players may choose to use the autoplay function which allows for customized play. By selecting the advanced button players can choose how many spins, lines and how much to bet per line before hitting the spin button. Additionally players can also choose when to stop either by stopping play at a certain win, loss or by manually stopping the autoplay.

The wild card is the Scarab which is playable with all symbols except the Anubis symbol. If 20 Scarabs should display in a round, then the payout will be multiplied 5 times.

A free spin game can be triggered by uncovering 3 Anubis symbols in one round and can be re – triggered multiple times up to the amount of 98 free spins total.

Free Spins

A set of 7 free spins will be rewarded when the Anubis symbol is displayed on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously. The Anubis is the Greek name given to this mystical creature, depicted as a man with a canine head and associated with mummification and afterlife in ancient Egyptian history.

The first game uncovering the 3 Anubis symbols will be scored at 2 times the original bet placed.

From there, each of the 7 free spins will be awarded at the amount set by the multiplier randomizer that spins each round. This multiplier can increase winnings anywhere from 2 times to 8 times.

The 2 times multiplier is awarded only on the first trigger of the free spins and not on any re-triggers.