The Invisible Man Touch Slot Review

Fictional Theme The Invisible Man Touch Slot

Players familiar with the title of this slot game from NetEnt will likely recognise it as the title of a book written by H. G. Wells in the year 1897. The Invisible Man Touch mobile slot game carries with it the characters and style of the novel it is based on and presents this story across the spinning reels and through the symbols and graphics available on this slot game. The visual appeal of this slot is definitely apparent and players, whether they’re familiar with the book it’s based on or not, will find the journey in this regard quite an eventful one and with a good few features and factors adding to the overall appeal of this slot theme.

Still fundamentally a mobile slot game however this The Invisible Man Touch still has to follow the structure of such games and with this particular slot game this consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines, with 3 rows of symbols appearing on the reels at any one time. There are of course a few betting options instilled into this mobile slot game from NetEnt but like most of their mobile games these are tucked behind a single banner so as to clear up the game screen and allow the reels to take complete centre stage. Not to be left out there are also a few bonuses on the reels of The Invisible Man Touch slot game and so players will find a few additional rewards as they spin.

A Novel Theme Portrayal on the Reels

There are a lot of good fictional tales from all over the world that tell of all kind of mystery and fantasy as well as excitement around every corner. These stories become a part of us all and the way we approach the unique, new and undiscovered. The tale on the reels of The Invisible Man Touch slot game is from a rather old story indeed and speaks of science and invention and the effects thereof on those that dabble in these extremes. The reels of this mobile slot and the symbols found thereon all bring a part of this story to life and whilst perhaps not the most vivid retelling available this experience is still inexorably linked to the novel it is based on of the same title.

On the reels of this mobile NetEnt slot called The Invisible Man Touch players will find a range of symbols affiliated with the book it is based on, just like these top 5 Aussie pokies games have to offer. These include the various character from the book as well as mention toward the underlying theme of the tale and the various aspects that play a part in this story.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses of this Slot

NetEnt do like their bonus features, particular those of free spins and an involving Wild symbol. In The Invisible Man Touch mobile slot players will find both of these, with the Wild able to walk across the reels and collect wins for every new reels it lands on while the free spins of this game reward players with an intital 10 free spins which they can then use to try and trigger a few additional free spin features.