iPhone Video Poker Mentioned Online for Mobile Gamblers

iPhone video poker is such a popular game in online casinos today, one has to wonder, where did it come from?

As with most things in life, iPhone video poker began as something else. In fact, its origins can arguably be dated back to the inception of Poker itself.

It was a writer by the name of Jonathan Green, who gave a name to a very popular game played on the river boats of the Mississippi way back in the 1830’s. It is said that he gave the name “Poker” in a written article, but where he got that name is widely debated.

The history of Poker is another tale entirely, but suffice to say, there would have been no iPhone video poker today, without the widespread popularity of the game of Poker itself.

The Game of Slots

Just like the game of Poker, the history of the iPhone’s video poker would have been brief and entirely non-existent without the invention of the slot machine first. It was 1891, when 2 gentlemen by the name of Sittman and Pitt invented the first machine that would later become known as slots.

In 1901, it was again Charles Fey, who made a breakthrough, with a slot machine that would allow the player to improve their hand, by holding some of the drums, and re-rolling the others. This essentially made the machine, a 5 card draw machine. And this is probably the true beginning of video poker history as this took the game of chance that slots was, and made it into a game where skill was now involved.

The Game of Video Poker

It was to be many years later, before real iPhone video poker was born. With the advent of the first computer chips in the 1970’s, it became economically viable to combine a solid state central processing unit with a television style screen.

In 1975, the first Bell Slots machines were introduced by the Fortune Bell Company, although it was not very popular and generally disregarded by the public. A man by the name of Si Redd pitched an idea of combining poker with these slot machines, but when they turned down his idea, for fear the public would not embrace such radical change, he went elsewhere.

Not to be defeated and believing in his own idea, he took the patent to a Fortune Coin Company in Reno. They applauded the idea and put the machine into production shortly afterwards.

By the time the mid 1980’s came about, there was more demand than supply for video poker machines. Video poker machines could be found in train stations, airports and even in small cafes. It was so popular in England; you could not walk into a pub without seeing a video poker machine and someone playing on it.

Video Poker on the iPhone

But that’s not where the story ends, with the advent of the Internet in the 1990’s, it was only natural that one of the most popular games in history would make its way online, and then a few years ago online went “mobile” and those games with it. The iPhone stands to date as one of the most used and enjoyed mobile platforms, so the movement of video poker to the iPhone was a natural one. Now today, iPhone video poker is just like online River belle mobile casino app, you can download and play. Thousands of people have integrated iPhone video poker into the entertainment part of their lives.