Place Your Bets on Cammag

Said to be a primitive form of hockey, Cammag has been played since the 12th century, and it is a tradition still alive and well today. An annual match of Cammag is held on the 26th of December, Boxing Day, and attracts spectators from far and wide.

Even though a match is only played once a year, many exhilarating betting opportunities are available on this full-contact sport. The sport is unusual as teams can be made up of any number of players, and it isn’t unusual for entire towns or villages to participate in a match. This fact lends itself to plenty of chances to place wagers on the outcome of the game, or even specific participants. With plenty of chances to bet come excellent odds on winning.

The Specifics of Cammag

Cammag teams are largely informal and unregulated, and may include any number of players. Having been likened to an early form of hockey, the game is essentially a stick and ball sport. The stick, known as a ‘camman’ meaning ‘curved thing’, can be any stick with a bent end, and the ball, known as the ‘crick’, is generally made of cork or wood. The ball can be circular or oval in shape, and is generally the size of a fist.

The game is played over three sets of 20 minutes each, and is a full contact sport in which players are generally advised to wear protective gear. Much like hockey, the goal posts are placed on either side of the field, however unlike hockey, the ball is not allowed to travel long distances.

The ball is placed in the centre the field with the two teams cramped around the ball in a very limited amount of space. Due to the large numbers of players that each team can have, getting the ball out of the circle can be very challenging. Players must try and get the ball as close to the goal as possible before attempting to score, as no long shots are allowed.

The History of Cammag

The first mention of a game not dissimilar to Cammag was in the 13th century with regards to a particularly brutal match with took place in 1272 BC. It is believed to have been introduced by missionaries, but the earliest official mention of Cammag by name was in 1760 when a few children were reprimanded for playing the game on church grounds on a Sunday. During these ancient times Cammag was a very popular sport, and if you had a stick made of gorse wood, it was considered a cherished possession.

Much of the interest in Cammag waned in the late 1900s, but it has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity recent times.

Cammag Today

As Cammag gained more popularity in the 21st century, there has been a call for the traditional sport to become more regulated and organized. It was announced in 2014 that an association had been formed to act as a governing body for the sport, with the hopes of forming a league of teams. Instead of one match taking place annually, several matches will be played throughout the year including away and at home games.

This particular piece of news means very good things for our tote betting . With the sport being better organized and managed, more mobile bookmaker betting opportunities will arise, and with that, more chances of winning.