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Rules of Rugby: A Crash Course

If there’s one sport the world loves to watch, its rugby. Every four years, when the Rugby World Cup comes along, the entire globe becomes enthralled as they watch their country’s team battle it out on the field, all in the hopes of bringing home that majestic golden cup. However, the rules can, at times, become a little bit confusing. If you are the kind of punter who enjoys a bit of online rugby sports betting every now and then, it’s really important for you to understand the rules of the game. Well, at least the basic ones anyway. Read on for a little crash course in some of rugby’s most valued rules.


No game of rugby is complete without more than a few tackles on the field. Understanding everything there is to know about tackling is of utmost importance if you want to ensure you maximise the excitement behind your online rugby sports betting strategy. When it comes to this famed rugby move, there are three rules. Firstly, tacklers may not tackle above their opponents’ heads, or higher. Secondly, if players are tackling, they are forbidden from pushing the heads of their opponents down into the ground. Thirdly, all tackling must be done with both the shoulders and the arms, not just one or the other.


In rugby, there are several ways in which players can score points. This is what makes online rugby sports betting all the more exciting. But how are points awarded? One try will result in a team being awarded five points. A try can be scored once the ball has moved from one side of the field to the other, and the try line is crossed. Opportunities for conversions are awarded to players only once a try is scored. Essentially, what a conversion entails is a player kicking the ball from the ground over the “H” shaped posts. If this is achieved, two points are awarded.


When it comes to rugby, most of us immediately picture a scrum. Scrums make for riveting entertainment as they give both teams an equal shot at securing the ball, which in turn ups the ante on any online rugby sports betting you may have done.

Basically, a scrum occurs when the ball is advanced through a forward pass – something which is not at all allowed in the sport. Eight of each team’s 15 players are involved in a scrum. Interestingly enough, statistics show that 90% of the time, the team who put the ball in the scrum (the opponents of the team who passed the ball forward) are the ones who get the ball out in the end.

Rugby need not always be confusing. Understanding the basics is key to having the best possible online rugby sports betting experience. Do as much research as possible in order to understand as much about the game as possible before placing any bets on the sport. Now that you’ve read this, you’re well on your way to making a more informed online betting offers decision on sports games. Good luck!