What Are Blockchain Casinos?

Blockchain Casinos are, in essence, a casino that is created using blockchain technology, which links an anonymous user directly with the games of their choice or another user, with all winnings paid directly into the specified bank accounts, with no time delays or pending payment issues. Likewise, all losses are instantaneous, which makes it a far more transparent and easy to access option.

Safety Above All Else

Blockchain casinos offer their users a far safer and more transparent way of playing online when compared to most online casino sites. Their payment system is built in and done directly between players and using online RNG slot or card games with payment types instantaneous allows for virtually no issue regarding winnings being paid – or payments being deducted.

Cryptocurrencies are the way to go with blockchain casinos, and once you’ve accessed the site, you receive a unique generate number. This allows blockchain casinos to offer users a completely anonymous casino experience, since signing up with one doesn’t require a personal email address and instead, you use the blockchains website address to begin playing straight away. Of course, you’ll just need to check what kind of currency they accept as some only offer Bitcoin or PayPal.

Complete Developer Transparency

Blacklisted casinos often employ less than stellar developers to cheat the gaming system by more than a bit and rig all games to have an RNG with a higher percentage of all games falling in favour of the house, with most players unaware of this skewering of odds. Blockchain casinos, however, don’t allow this kind of practice.

Most blockchain developers will post their source code online for review at some point, which keeps them completely honest and transparent as users in the know can verify the fact, amongst others, that a 100% random number generator has been employed. This ensures that users have a unique experience each time they log onto a game, while ensuring no one can try and cheat the system. All in all, this leads to a verifiably fairer experience.

Earning Potential

As peer to peer games gain popularity in blockchain casinos, so too does the earning potential for the players. If you’re matched against a less skilful opponent you are far more likely to come up ahead if you play your cards right, and likewise, a ton of blockchain games have higher-than-average winning odds since the online blockchain casino operators have low overhead costs and don’t need to build these prices into the games.

Online casinos on the other hand have to pay out for site security as well as pay for the use of online payment plans from banking institutions, and all of these overheads are a percentage that is calculated into their games software to ensure they don’t fall short each month.

With the ability of blockchain casinos to address the security issues and spamming which deter many users from registering with online casinos, only time will tell if the anonymity and fast payment options that blockchain casinos use becomes the preferred method of gambling in the future.