More Details about Treasure Hunt Scratch Card by NeEnt

NetEnt’s Treasure Hunt scratch card offers totally different kind of scratch card. In this game, you can go hunting for treasure on a desert island, and win some top prizes. There is also the possibility of winning an extra bonus as well.

For some time, online casinos did not offer more than the usual table games like blackjack and baccarat, with some roulette. Then can the era of the slot machine, which remains to this day the most popular of all online casino games. But NetEnt also began offering online scratch cards at their casinos, and there is now an array of scratch cards that NetEnt has given players the option of playing, and they all have special twists, and generally high return to player percentages.

A Treasure Map

Treasure Hunt scratch card is designed in form of a treasure map. The map has been divided into twenty-eight separate regions, and each region contains either a treasure chest or a skull. The goal of the game is to find six treasure chests in only six turns. If you manage to do this, you will win the main prize in the game. When you open six skulls you will win a bonus object.

This scratch card game is very easy to play. When you open Treasure Hunt you first should set the level, you want to play by using the Bet button. The bets that you can place have a wide level of value, and you can adjust your bets up or down when you start each new game. After this you click on the button Buy Game. You can also click on Auto Pick to open six random regions, but of course you can do this yourself, which is more fun. You click on the region of your choice, and either a treasure chest or a skull will appear. You can also click on the Pay Table button on the left of the screen, to display a Pay Table. This Pay Table will appear on the right of the screen, and will display the winning amounts that you can be awarded. Even two treasure chests appearing will win you a profit. Playing at the maximum bet level can give you a big win.

A Bonus Game for Extra Profits

Apart from the nice profits that you can make in the Treasure Hunt scratch card, there is also a game with bonus for extra wins. To begin this game, you must collect some bonus objects first. When you find six skulls in a round, you are awarded a bonus object. When you have collected three bonus objects the bonus game will be initiated. In this game, you are asked to select one of twelve regions on the map to reveal the bonus prize. Collected bonus objects will remain valid for up to thirty days.

The Treasure Hunt scratch card has a question mark at the bottom of the screen, and if you click on this you will be offered two options. There are two buttons, Game Rules and Game History. The Game Rules will give you more information on the rules of Treasure Hunt, and the Game History gives you the results of any previous rounds you have played. Treasure Hunt does not offer a practice mode. There is also a speaker that you can use to turn the sound on or off, if you wish.