An Overview of Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card Game

The layout of the Shoot 4 Gold scratch card is attractively done, and lots of fun. When you open the Shoot 4 Gold scratch card and click Buy Game, you will see the kind of stall you see at an open air fairground. In the stall are eight little ducks in a row, and you have to shoot at them. If you click on the button next to the Buy Game button, you find three crosshair shooting options. When you have made your selection of the shooter, you can click on the ducks. You are given six shots, and you can click on the six ducks that you will aim at.

You can begin shooting, and hope to hit all the ducks before your six shots are up. If one of the ducks that you have shot should contain a golden star you will win an instant prize. On the left of the screen there is a table that lets you know how many shots you still have, and keeps a record of how many the golden stars you have already found. When you have found a total of three golden stars you will win a prize. The amount of the prize will be displayed on the screen by clicking on the Potential Win button on the left side of the screen. Shoot 4 Gold scratch card also offers an Auto Shoot button which will randomly choose and shoot six ducks for you if you wish. Shoot 4 Gold can also be practised before playing for real.

Shoot 4 Gold Scratch Card Takes You to the Fair

NetEnt is one of the giants of the online casino games industry. They have produced dozens of casino games, among them some of the most popular slot machines played all over the world. They have also produced a range of table games like blackjack and games of chance like roulette, that are played in casinos in most countries. One of the latest range of games they have released is their scratch card series, and these are becoming games that more and more players are finding entertaining to play, with some great rewards.

Shoot 4 Gold is a scratch card game created to look like a shooting gallery in a fair. The goal of the game is to shoot three golden stars, which will give you some great prizes, and also offers a high return to player ratio. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at a shooting gallery will enjoy this game.

Impressive Main Prize

The main prize in Shoot 4 Gold is a huge 50,000 Euros. There is a Pay table button which will reveal the pay table on the side of the screen, and this will give you more information on the payouts in the game.

Shoot 4 Gold has a number of settings that you can adjust like the players of roulette at Below the screen there will appear a question mark and a speaker. If you click on the question mark you will be offered two options, either the Game Rules or the Game History. Game Rules will give you more information on the rules of the game if you should want it, and Game History gives you a record of your previous results in Shoot 4 Gold. The speaker icon allows you to turn the sound on or off, as you wish.