Game Of Luck Slot Basics for Mobile Casino Players

The luck of the Irish is one of the most well known phrases in the world, and has a strong presence within in the world of online casinos. The Irish are often seen as a nation of luck, and there is a large amount of Irish imagery that enforces the belief.

Four leaf clovers, pots of luck, lucky stones, are just some of the images that come to mind when thinking of the luck of the Irish, and this has been brought to players as a slot known as Game Of Luck. Developed by EGT and powered by Novomatic, Game Of Luck is an online slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines, and some bonus content.

Game Of Luck was designed for mobile platforms, such as the smart phone, tablet, and even smart watch. This means the game works well on a touch screen, and everything the player needs to play can be found on screen and is easily accessible.

This does not mean Game Of Luck is completely excluded from the desktop, however, as it is possible to find computer versions of the game that are fully playable. Many free versions of Game Of Luck can also be found on multiple online casino websites.

Playing Game Of Luck

The first thing players will notice about Game Of Luck is the range of bright and colourful symbols. Green is the prominent colour of the game, and this extends to some of the symbols as well. A leprechaun, fairy, mushrooms, ladybirds, and more make up most of the symbols.

There are also two special symbols known as the wild and the scatter. The wild is used to substitute all other symbols in the game, and the scatter is used to initiate the bonus features of Game Of Luck. Apart from the wild and the scatter, every symbol has its own value. This can be viewed in the paytable, which also shows the rules of the game as well as the possible combinations that can be landed.

Betting is done through hitting the small cog icon that can be found in the corner of the screen. This is different from other online slots that players may be used to which displayers most options around the reels.

This is because of the mobile nature of the game. Once the cog has been selected, players can browse through the betting options and select what suits them best. There is not payline selection available, as all 20 paylines are fixed.

Game Of Luck Lucky Charms

Game Of Luck features unique symbols that can increase the odds of winning should they land on the reels during a spin. Each symbol has a different use, and can award the players a special prize once landed.

The horse shoe charm, while also acting as the wild, also adds an automatic multiplier to the player’s winnings. Landing 5 scatters, on the other hand, all bets are immediately multiplied by 200x, which can grant the player huge winnings within a short period of time, just like when you play the online bingo Canada has on offer.

Game Of Luck Verdict

Since Game Of Luck is designed for mobile devices coming through casino sites, players on the go will enjoy this game thoroughly.

It means not having to start up the browser and load the game the player wants to play, and instead being able to enjoy the game at any time and at any place.