Discover an Underwater Adventure in Subtopia Slot

The theme of this slot game follows a storyline similar to that of Atlantis or other like-minded underwater adventures and is therefore understandably set beneath the ocean’s depths. Water themed slots interestingly enough became such an influential aspects of the industry due to the ease of use of such a theme way back when the capabilities of designing complex theme weren’t possible, from their the tradition sort of stuck. With this Subtopia online slot game from NetEnt there is no real trouble with the graphics involved as they boast a competent level of this online age and include some interesting symbols on the reels and more in lieu of thematic presence.

Underwater adventure does make for an exciting slot game however, though the fact remains that in order for this to be the case the base gameplay involved needs to be capable. Fortunately this is not the developers NetEnt’s first online gaming rodeo and with this slot structure and lay out this is fairly evident. Composed of 5 reels and an adjustable 20 pay lines this game has the making of many of other constructive slot game styles. There is also a range of betting options involved making setup a cinch as well as a few bonuses on the reels of this Subtopia slot game like free spins and Wilds which make great entertainment while you’re watching some soccer betting action on television.

An Adventure Under the Sea on Reels

The theme of this Subtopia slot game may by now be fairly comprehensible as at the end of the day there aren’t too many working parts to a slot game theme, however a few of the finer points have yet to be analysed. These aspects include the likes of a watery backdrop coloured the rather obvious blue but with a fair bit of attention to detail that does setup quite an atmosphere on the reels. Even the sound effects of this slot game play a substantial role in the overall experience and coupled with the fun symbols and animations in this Subtopia slot game the resulting experience available on the reels is a pleasant one.

In fact the symbols on the reels plays a pivotal role in any slot game, especially the more popular water themed ones. These symbol help differentiate these stories and games from one another whilst simultaneously gearing up the slot itself for more thematic depth. In this Subtopia slot game players can expect to find various protagonists, underwater treasures and of course NetEnt’s favourite playing card symbols in this case taking on the thematic aspects of the slot game in question.

Bubbling Up the Best Bonuses from Below

The base game involved in this Subtopia slot game is fairly straightforward which does not mean however that it avoids any relationship with bonus features. On the reels of these poker machines online game, players will find a Wild as well as a free spins feature. The latter feature involves a meter that appears on the bottom right of the scree during the spins and demarcates the multiplier involved in the spin as well as the terminating event of these free spins which could technically go on for a long while.