An overview of Triple Wins Multi Option Card

A Scratch card game is a lottery type game, but there is no waiting for a draw to see if you have won a prize. In scratch card games the symbols are concealed until you scrape the covering off to reveal them. If you find three matching amounts under the covering, this amount will be your instant winnings. Sometimes this amount is multiplied by an X factor that is revealed after all other areas have been scratched.  Scratch cards will offer players an immediate cash win, for a small outlay. NetEnt has designed an array of scratch card games, all with an array of attractive options like multipliers of jackpots.

Triple Wins is one of NetEnts’s scratch card games that offers players some different opportunities for potential wins. In Triple Wins scratch card you are allowed to pick one of the ten displayed tickets yourself. You could also play all ten tickets. There is also a multiplier option that will give you an extra chance for even higher wins. NetEnt often gives players an idea of the return to player percentage on their games, and for Triple Wins scratch card game, it is over 87%.

Options for Playing Ten Games

When you start the scratch card game Triple Wins, you will see a scratch card layout on the left, and ten scratch cards on the right. Pick one of the games and click the Buy Ticket button. If you want to play all the games, click on the button marked 10 New Tickets. The ticket you have chosen will be moved to the left side of the screen. You then have to select an object to use in order to scratch the ticket open, and you click on the Scratch Tools button. You can open all nine boxes on the scratch card Triple Wins, and then scratch open the X at the bottom of the screen. This will reveal the multiplier you will get on your wins. You can open all the boxes automatically if you click on the Scratch All button on the right side of the screen. All boxes then will be opened at the same time. If you have made a win, this will be circled on your ticket, and added to your credit. Triple Wins scratch card also offers players the opportunity to try the game first before playing for real money.

The Triple Wins scratch card can give you a win of up to 50,000 Euros if you are lucky. You can click on the Pay Table button if you want to find out more about the payouts. The Pay Table will open on the left side of the screen.

Extra Option and Buttons

NetEnt offers players a variety of extra options in the Triple Wins scratch card, which may increase your fun. At the bottom left of the screen you will find a wrench, and if you click on this icon a new screen will open. You will find three buttons that will give you three choices. You can choose to speed up the game play if you wish, you can turn the sound on or off, and when you play for these Canadian online casino slots for real money you will be able to see your game history, and keep a count of your winnings.

The first of the online scratch card instant gambling games were patented in the mid 1990s. These scratch cards are now able to be purchased, sold and played online.