An Overview of Triple Wins High Limit Scratch Card Game

Scratch cards have always been a popular form of gambling, as they offer a lottery type game but with instant rewards. There is no waiting for the draw to find out if you are lucky enough to win a prize. Online scratch cards offer the same instant benefits, and they have been developed with a high return to player percentage.

Online scratch cards are very attractive to players, not only for the convenience that any online casino game offers players today. NetEnt has provided a high degree of originality in their scratch cards, and this gives their cards a special dimension. Some of the latest NetEnt scratch cards offer the usual scratch layer, the usual scratch tools and the amounts that you have to uncover to find your reward, but some of these games also have a Multiplier added.

Scratch Cards Easy to Play

Slot games contain many exciting and lucrative features like Scatters and Wilds, and Bonus games and more, for example, look at this site, scratch cards are generally simple to play, without any difficult rules and features to find out about. You can try out Triple Wins High Limit before you wager real money. NetEnt’s scratch cards certainly are more innovative than most, and some are full of innovations and extra rewards.

When you begin Triple wins High Limit you choose your scratch tool, and remove the silver layer to display the panels that make up the Triple Wins High Limit scratch card. Once you have decided on the ticket you want to buy, you click on Buy Ticket, and your ticket will be generated. You can select one panel to play one, or choose all ten panels. You can scratch them yourself, or click on Scratch All to reveal all the amounts and the multiplier directly and together. When all the amounts are visible, any wins you have made will be circled. Your wins will be multiplied by the multiplier you have won, and added to your balance.

High Return to Player Percentage

NetEnt scratch cards have been developed to show a high degree of originality as well as the high return to player percentage. Prizes in NetEnt scratch cards are varied, and some of them extremely profitable. Triple Wins High Limit sets itself apart as it even offers players a progressive jackpot. There certainly may be other progressive jackpot scratch cards in NetEnt’s pipeline, but at present Triple Wins High Limit is the only one. You can pay two dollars a card to win the top prize of 30,000 dollars, but also a chance to win the progressive jackpot which can be won at any NetEnt casino, as it is a local jackpot. The amount of any progressive jackpot varies, as a proportion of every bet made or every entry into Triple wins High Limit is contributed to the progressive jackpot. This means the progressive jackpot can end up constituting an enormous win for some lucky player.

Any players interested in playing for some higher wins can choose to play Triple Wins High Limit. This is a popular scratch card game, as many players do want to try this game because of the lure of the possible lucrative jackpot. The amount of the progressive jackpot may vary, but it is always a potentially huge win.