Rubber Gaiter for various type Size from motocycle up to big truck.
Metal Parts
Various Metal stamping, Machine and di-casting for reproduction Mainly for classic car and motocycle.
Rubber parts
Saddle or handle or hand grip even foot rest. We also can provide with lower tooling cost but high quality.
Suspension parts
Spring Support Bushing
Rubber Component
Grommet, Gasket, Plug ..etc available in solid rubber or cellular rubber for HVAC, Lamp….etc
Rubber Bonding To Metal
Silentblock, arm link, suspension bush made by transfer or injection process.
Various Parts
Air intake hose, cable support, air gasket, ball join cover, drive shafseal even floor mat and trunk mat we also provide.
Rubber parts for Hydro mounting GMT & Chrysler
Fuel Cap seal and valve made from High end material Fluororubber and Fluorosilicone rubber
Rubber Spongeand Solid for sealing HVAC