New Machine for our strength

Ayt has been add rubber injection machine from desma to incrlase productivity and also test the machine of to add more in 2007

AYT can provide
• Formulation Development
• Sand Blasting and cleaning facility
• Mixing seperate Black, Color and Silicone
• Injection and Compression Moulding with Vacumm
• Mixing and Molding in dust control facility
• Various size avalible from fingertio to 3-4 Meters
• Human Trim or Sub-zero Cryogenic De-flashing
Lab Facility
• Monsanto Rheometer
• Tensile and Elongation Tester 500 K
• Profile Projector
• Compression set tester
• Hardness Tester
• Plastimeter Tester
• Oven
• Two roll mill Lab scale